How to make whipped coffee without instant coffee powder?

For coffee lovers, coffee is more than just a beverage. It is a religion. It is a way of life. Coffee drinkers are varied, and coffee is a beverage that has many varieties and tastes all over the world. Its delicious dark beans are roasted differently to give different variations of the beverage to us. Even with instant coffee powder now becoming one of the most popular versions of coffee, there are innumerable types of instant coffees that will instantly light up your day.

Instant coffees are particularly loved for their ease. If you’re late for a meeting or need refreshment before an exam, the instant coffee powder can give that to you within minutes. For many years instant coffee was looked down upon and labelled “flat” and “not flavoursome” however in the past few decades, due to technological advancements, instant coffee manufacturers today provide the market with some delicious and refreshing instant coffee. There are so many coffee drinks one can make with instant coffee. One of the most popular coffee drinks that can be easily made with instant powder is beaten coffee or Dalgona coffee. But what happens if you run out of instant coffee? Can you still make the Instagram famous Dalgona coffee?

Quick and easy to make whipped coffee

Dalgona coffee or whipped coffee which has been famous in South Korea for a while now, has become famous all over the world. This coffee drink can be easily recognised by a golden-brown thick paste on top and white milk below.

One easy way to still make your favourite coffee drink is to use Sunbean Beaten Caffe! This product is a one-step solution to all your Dalgona coffee woes. Sunbean Beaten Caffe is a pre-made mix of coffee, sugar and water that is beaten together till it becomes a thick golden-brown liquid that is gooey and delicious. Sunbean Beaten Caffe not only removes instant coffee out of the equation but also saves a lot of effort you would have spent on beating the coffee to get that perfect beaten coffee texture.

Once you have your Sunbean Beaten Caffe, all you need is a cup of hot milk and you are good to go! Just pour hot milk into a cup or a mug and then take a spoon or two of Sunbean Beaten Caffe. Mix well for the perfect and hassle-free whipped coffee that needs no extra instant coffee powder or sugar!

If you love a cup of cold coffee, you can use cold milk instead of hot milk and add ice to this. Once you have added Sunbean Beaten Caffe you can also top it up with some cocoa powder and cinnamon powder. The best thing about the Sunbean Beaten Caffe is that it gives you a rich and creamy coffee experience without a huge hassle. Sunbean Beaten Caffe does not need refrigeration and can be stored easily in a cool and dry place.

Another alternative method that you can use to make Dalgona coffee without instant coffee powder is bought buying coffee beans and grinding them into freshly ground coffee powder. Then you will need to whip up a mix of coffee powder, sugar and water. This could again take a while if you do not have a hand blender around and you need to resort to using your hand for it! Like we mentioned, this is the harder way to do things. Which one would you prefer?

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