Brunch Cocktail Pairing Guide

Successful restaurants expend tremendous effort continuously improving the quality of their food, but what about their cocktail offering? Depending on the time of the meal, a Sunday brunch for example, cocktails go hand in hand with the food that’s being served. Learning how to best pair a particular cocktail with a particular menu item can truly elevate the dining experience for your restauranteurs.

This goes beyond the traditional glass of red wine with steak or a glass of white wine with chicken; some brunch spots have even used their expertise to create and iterate on their own drink menus that they know pair best with the dishes served by their kitchen.

In the case of Machine from the Chicagoland area, who wouldn’t want to start their Sunday morning with a Tropical Kingbird and a Machine Omelette? A tropical daydream, captured into your glass, with hints of pineapple, lime, avocado and a ginger liquer and rum blend pairs great with a fluffy omelette stuffed with truffled mushrooms and goat cheese. If you were looking to make more of a mark, why not the Caged Old Fashioned coupled with the delectable Engineered Cheeseburger? Aromatic hints of high west rye blended with lemon oil and topped with an angostura hard candy cage couple the bold flavors of the cheeseburger and its griddled onions incredibly well.

It’s very clear that the right cocktail can make all the difference in any meal, but it’s particularly true of brunch. Hoping to make the most out of your next brunch outing with friends or family? Be sure to check out the information shared within the infographic accompanying this post for best practice at the city’s most trendy brunch spots.

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