8 Different Types of Chocolate Cakes

When there is a celebration in the house, say birthday or anniversary function. Or you crave something sweet; the first flavor that comes to your mind is chocolate. According to data from baking industries, chocolate is the most popular cake flavor. Some people are loyal chocolate lovers that they never have the urge to try a different flavor. Like a chocolate cake lover, it is imperative that you know about the different types of chocolate cakes. Life is too short to miss any chocolate cake, and you surely don’t want to regret it.

  1. Chocolate Truffle Cake: A sinful dessert to please the taste buds. Chocolate truffle cake has layers of chocolate sponge with dark chocolate ganache and filling. Truffle cake never fails to lure the senses of chocolate lovers with the rich appeal and taste. That’s the reason why it has bagged the number 1 spot on the list. You are drooling, we know! Avail online cake delivery in Guwahati of a chocolate truffle cake right away. In case you are a home baker, you can bake this delicious cake at home as well. You would need to prepare a chocolate cake, dark chocolate frosting, and ganache.

  1. Chocolate Mocha Cake: Chocolate and coffee is a winning combination. A rich and moist chocolate cake topped with the right amount of mocha icing becomes another synonym of sheer happiness for both chocolate and coffee lovers. Instead of a regular cake, you can go for a bundt chocolate cake. If trying to bake this one at home, you can make the sponge a mix of chocolate and coffee flavor by adding a tablespoon of instant coffee powder to the batter. You can further garnish the cake with almonds. And it is a great choice for your evening tea and coffee dates.

  1. Chocolate Rum Cake: When you hear the name, don’t you start experiencing chocolate, rum, and all those exotic flavors. Well, you do! It is an exotic chocolate cake variety, perfect for your celebrations and sweet cravings. The utmost delicious version of chocolate rum cake consists of chocolate layers with a hint of vanilla, coffee, and maple syrup. The inner and top layer of the cake is layered with chocolate rum frosting. Perfect for those intimate celebrations where dishes are made ambrosial with a glass of red wine.

  1. Sour Cream Chocolate Cake: You may imagine it may taste absurd, but no. It tastes good because the sweetness of the chocolate and sour cream frosting balances out each other—the perfect try for those who love fusion cakes or the ones with a little twist. You can make your version at home if you love baking cakes. Bake a classic chocolate cake and top it with sour cream frosting and some colorful sprinkles.

  1. Chocolate Lava Cake: Chocolate lava cake has become common. But it is one of the most loved chocolate cake flavors because of the molten chocolate that oozes out when you cut it. It’s kids’ favorite, and you can order or bake it for their birthdays. For the molten, warm lava when baking this cake at home, fill the batter with choco chips in great abundance.

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake: Some like their desserts a bit salty and sweet because they feel the sweet flavor can be overpowering. For such folks, chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling is a blessing. The peanut butter has a salty taste, just like the caramel sauce. If you ever try this at home, garnish the cake with peanuts.

  1. Chocolate Fudge Cake: Chocolate Fudge cake is an intensely moist, dense, and creamy cake. It is known as a fudge cake for a reason because of its texture and frosting—a heavenly treat for all the occasions or midnight cravings. Do you surely want to try this at home? Browse for fudge cake recipes by some reputed baker. Make a thick and creamy frosting to top the cake.

  1. Belgian Chocolate Cake: Belgian chocolate cake having a luscious texture with a bitter-sweet taste. Belgian chocolate cakes are usually made with authentic Belgian chocolate, which makes this delicacy supremely special over the rest.

Chocolate cakes are always in demand. Order these varieties for your special days or otherwise.

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